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Strategic Planning

Having a clearly defined marketing plan with a solid strategic foundation is essential to determine which direction you want your business to take. Whether you are developing or launching a product or service, preparing a marketing campaign or thinking of re-branding, a marketing plan is a very valuable process that can greatly contribute to your business success.

How our marketing plan can help your business

We set clear, realistic and measurable goals for your marketing activities

We identify your target market to help you understand how your product or service meets their needs

We identify your competitors and what your target customers think about their strengths and weaknesses

We position your brand, products or services to evaluate whether your target customers perceive your business as better or different from the competition

We create a strategy to reach your target audience

Your marketing plan could include all or some of the following elements depending on your requirements:

  1. Situation analysis
    • External macro environment
    • Your market place
    • Your customers/prospects
    • Your brand(s)
  2. Your objectives and goals
  3. The target audience
  1. The marketing strategy
    • The product
    • The price
    • By customer/geographic market
    • By distribution channel
    • The integrated communications plan
  2. The marketing budget
  3. The marketing implementation plan
  4. The evaluation strategy

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